pezzastop guarantee?

PeezaStop guarantees to get your business any amount of drivers you need whenever you need them to fulfil all your deliveries while expanding your service to new customers everywhere!

Just getting started with your new pizza business and don't have the necessary resources or time to find drivers?


PezzaStop is here to get you what you need instantly!

Already have an established pizza business and you're looking to expand or just have reliable drivers whenever and wherever you need them?


PezzaStop will get you set up instantly!

Planning for pre-scheduled orders or you just need drivers to help you for the weekend, PezzaStop has you covered!


Don't have drivers sitting around waiting for the next order worrying about those high labour cost?

Don't worry about if a driver calls out sick, are running late, or complaining about not making enough money!

We'll get you what you need when you need with PezzaStop!


*To find out more information about getting your business started with PezzaStop please call 888.738.5552 and a PezzaStop account specialist will reach out to you immediately. Or simply click the link below to get started!